Easy To Follow Web Design Trends For Perth Businesses

If you are running a small local business in Perth, it is crucial to improve your overall web presence. Maximizing your online presence involves having the right web design that can help get the attention of your potential market.
Perth Web design is also part of your company’s image. It means that your web design should be part of your branding. Not only should you take a closer look at the colors that you use, you should also consider the fonts that you incorporate into your web design. Keep in mind that your website should be designed to sell your products. However, your site shouldn’t just be made to facilitate sales. You have to understand the psyche of consumers as well. It simply means that you have to plan the overall aesthetics of your web design if you wish to maximize your presence.

But how exactly can you squeeze the most engagement on your website if you don’t know the latest web design trends? Here are some easy to follow trends that can be applied by small and medium-sized businesses in Perth if they wish to improve their website.

Mobile-first approach

The focus of web design should always be its utilization and aesthetics. What you have to understand is that every website should be easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. And using both principles, there really is no excuse for businesses to not focus on mobile users. Your site should not only fit smaller screens, it should also be easy to use regardless of the device whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet.
Webs design mobile first approachAccording to Google, more than 50% of queries worldwide come from mobile devices. This means that more and more people are relying on their phones in order to look for products and services. For this reason alone, you have to cater your website to the changing behavior of internet users.

There are many perks that you can get once you start using a mobile-first approach. Not only does it allow you to get ranked higher, this can also potentially increase your sales and engagement.



Another trend that is becoming popular today is the use of animation in web design. Animation has its perks since you can already convey your message even without the use of text. Animation can also play a huge role in bringing an overall personality to a brand. And also, it can also make the website be more dynamic and less static which can encourage engagement on the part of its user.


Over the years, there’s a growing popularity in terms of the use of typography. Typography is becoming a great tool not only to communicate your intentions but to also build your brand. Typography can be used in order to shape your company’s identity.

For instance, fonts that are slanted are usually used by companies that are bold and are less conventional.

There are also those companies that make use of custom typography considering the rise higher resolution of screens and monitors. And this means that webmasters have the freedom to utilize different fonts also for aesthetic purpose.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Popular websites this year started using vibrant and bold colors in their design. In the past years, many websites were stuck using safe and even minimalist colors, but today, more and more websites are exploring vibrant and even supersaturated shades.

Part of what made this trendy is the development of monitors and devices that can even fully accentuate richer colors. Implementing vibrant colors in your website is a great way to stand out from the rest of the companies that have been stuck using web-safe colors.

Animation in web design

Custom Photos and videos

Visuals are also important when it comes to your website. Instead of using stock photos, it is particularly important to invest in custom-made photos of your company or of your products. Take the opportunity to showcase the beauty of your product considering the ability of screens to feature photos in great detail.

Aside from photos, you can also take a closer look at how you can integrate videos in your website. But of course, if you are going to have a video that automatically plays once the user visits your site, it is a good idea that you mute the sound so it won’t be irritating to people who are using their headphones or those who are cranked their speakers.

Custom-made illustrations

Aside from high-quality custom photos, another visual tool that you can incorporate into your website today is the use of custom-made illustrations. Illustrations can be tailored according to your website’s overall branding.

Though you might be thinking that it is only a good option for those brands that are fun and energetic, this can also be used in order to target right-brained customers that respond to visuals more. Keep in mind that whatever type of business you are currently running, there will always be an illustration style that can fit your needs.


Is flat design already a trend of yesteryears? If you will look at different websites today, a lot of them are no longer using the flat website design used in prior years. Instead, what they are using is a new “semi-flat” or “flat 2.0” that relies on gradients and shadows. However, flat design is still prevalent in these web designs. Gradients and shadows are merely used in moderation.

Room for content

Even today, content is still king on the World Wide Web. This only means that you will still need to provide enough space where you can craft your content in order to ensure that your audience is going to learn more about your company and what you actually stand for. This can also help improve your overall SEO.

Are you looking for ideas that you can implement on your website? Different industries in Perth, Australia can be highly competitive and in some occasions, making adjustments in your website is all it needs in order to achieve the results that you wanted to have.

Do you have to apply all of the things that we have mentioned? Not exactly. Different businesses have different needs and impressions that they want to leave to their market. Just find the time to see which trend is applicable on your website.

Why wordpress is becoming the most popular CMS

Planning to have your very own website? Having your own website allows you to publish content that can be seen by your audience. But could you ever imagine what life is like without a CMS like WordPress? That would only mean that you will need to have someone who is very knowledgeable about codes to get the job done. Yes, WordPress made it possible to simplify things for a lot of webmasters.

According to the latest numbers, 73 million websites make use of WordPress. It is currently the most popular Content Management System or CMS in the World Wide Web. There are a lot of reasons to love WordPress. Here are some reasons why you should also be using WordPress for your website.

A lot of people are familiar with WordPress

One of the reasons why it is popular is due to the fact that a lot of people today are familiar with its system. That only means that when you hire someone to take care of your website, you don’t need extra training in order to make everything work. As for someone who is operating his or her website, you don’t need to relearn everything.

And since a lot of people are also familiar with WordPress, you can easily get experts, like Hot Chili Digital, to work on your website in case you will need help. Could you imagine the difficulty of finding the right person if you are using some random CMS that a lot of people don’t know of?


Plug-ins are available on WordPress. These are extensions that you can have in order to improve your website’s performance. To give you an idea just how many free plug-ins are out there, you have 20,000 free plugins to choose from ranging from a carousel to SEO plug-ins that can help simplify the process of making the website rank.

Easy to modify

Designers and developers love WordPress because of its flexibility. You can modify the appearance and function of the website without a problem using WordPress. This means that both layout and applications can be modified according to the need of the user.

Complete ownership of your post

As an open source CMS, this only means that no one can delete the posts that you have published for whatever reason. This means that you have ownership of whatever content that you decide to have on your website. And because it is open source, it also means that it is free.

Low maintenance cost

If you are going to invest on your website, you should also be thinking of its maintenance cost. If you have to hire someone knowledgeable on PHP, HTML, and CSS every once in a while; having a website can be an expensive endeavor. This isn’t the case when it comes to WordPress website maintenance. It is easy to maintain.

Choosing WordPress is a good idea if you are planning to run your website. You will be able to publish your own content without the help of anyone who is supposed to be knowledgeable about codes. Also, with the right plugins, you can even improve your site’s SEO.

Why having a website is essential for a startup business

Sure you could name some businesses who are doing exceptionally fine and are successful even without having a website. However, does it make you wonder how much better they could be doing if they try to invest on having one? Like having a legit, well-designed site that engages and converts the audience.

Since we are now in the digital business age, a website is definitely a must no matter how big or small it is or no matter what it is about. Today more and more consumers browse the internet for services and products that they need. By having a website, your business will gain credibility. Having a professional web design will provide a professional image for your business and will enable you to reach on a wider market. It is even beneficial for small business owners that do not have a place to sell their products to since they can just have a website to sell and besides there isn’t many products or services that don’t sell online these days. A website is also available 24/7 to all your potential and regular customers so it is much convenient for both parties since communication is made easier. With the right services for the right target and with good marketing strategies, your business is made to make a boom in the business world.

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What a professional logo says about your business

Having your own business can be a good thing. There are times when you will no longer have to rely on your current employment in order to pay the bills and achieve financial stability. However, keep in mind that you first need to get the attention of your niche. Before you invest on social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns, you have to first think of the right logo. A professional logo can make a huge difference in your business.

Determine age groups and demographic

A logo can attract certain demographics. There are logos that are considered hip, while there are others that are considered more traditional. Different logos will cater to different age groups and demographics.

There are also some logos that have been associated with luxury items. This means that the moment potential customers see the logo; they will already have an idea about the price range of the products being offered by the company like Hot Chili Digital.


A professionally made logo will also reflect the professionalism of a particular company. This means that you don’t take things lightly. This is something that your market would love to hear about a company. Could you imagine investing in a bank that doesn’t have a professionally made logo? Or perhaps, can you imagine working for a company that doesn’t have a good logo? Not having a professionally made logo can make a business look amateur which is the last thing that you want to happen.

Makes the company easy to remember

You can expect that when entering a market, you will have competitors. Rarely do businesses enter as a monopoly. It is important that you find the right logo in order to make the company stand out. This makes the company easy to remember for your customers and clients. On the flip side, it can also differentiate your company from the competitors.

The logo will make sure that you stay unique from the rest of the competition. This is also a good idea to do some research if some other company has a similar logo to yours.

Build your image

With the help of your logo, it is also possible to build your image. From the use of the right fonts and the right imagery, it is possible to build an image in the eyes of your market. In fact, it is the visual representation of your company. This is the reason why a lot of companies invest on logos with meanings. This could reflect the vision of the company or what the company wants to project to the market.

By building your image, it is easy to build trust with your customers. Professionally made logos make sure that people will know exactly what type of businesses you are running.

Having a professionally made logo is a must for every company. It is important that the logo is a representative of what you really are as a business. It is important to take a closer look at the meanings and even the impact of fonts that you decide to use on your logo.

How to decide on a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing has expanded the horizon for many businesses. It is crucial that you pay attention to your digital marketing solutions given the number of benefits that it can give you. But given the number of digital marketing strategies that you can go for, what are the best options that you should go for? For newbies, this can be a very confusing scenario. Here are some top options that you should stick with.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a good choice if you opt to do digital marketing for your brand or for your company. What makes content marketing in demand? First, it helps build your company’s reputation. It can give your audience the perception that you want them to have. Do you want your company to be perceived as a professional and a highly reputable company? Invest in the right content in order to do so. You can also provide useful information to your audience using your blog. This will even build your solid reputation in your niche.

Next, you also have your rankings that can be improved by your content strategy. Having original and useful content on your website can help improve your ranking. Over the years, search engine algorithms favored website that can provide useful content to its niche.


SEO is relevant today. Keep in mind that if your website can’t be seen on top of the search result pages, most likely you can expect the traffic to also suffer. It is always a good idea that you tweak your SEO. Over the years, a lot of algorithm updates have changed the way SEO experts operate. Be sure to know the current updates before you even attempt to do these tactics.

Social media marketing

There are billions of social media accounts. In addition to this, people now use social media in order to follow their favorite brands. This only means that you can capture your audience using the right social media platform to your advantage.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the more popular platforms that are being used by companies in order to promote their brand. Hashtags and links to the website’s blog are just some f the best ways on how to maximize the use of social media.

For a lot of companies, just like Hot Chili Digital, social media marketing has also changed the way they interact with their audience. Instead of answering to emails, there are queries done on the comment section. In addition to this, companies have the ability to tweak their voice in order to become more approachable to their niche.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another important digital marketing strategy that you should never forget. It is a great way to boost returns from your marketing budget. And why should you have this included in your online marketing strategy? People nowadays check their emails not only on their laptops but even on their mobile devices.

What are the usual things that you can do for email marketing? You can send promotional discounts and even news on your email list. It is also possible to send blogs in order to increase the traffic on your website.