Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses in Perth

For a small business competing in a highly competitive industry in Perth, one effective online marketing tool that you can use is your content. Regardless if you are selling products or offering your services to a particular market, it is imperative that you focus on your content marketing strategy. An effective content marketing strategy can make a huge difference and could even allow your business to become the market leader in your niche.

With the right content, it becomes possible to improve your overall ranking and even increase your engagement. Content allows you to have many benefits ranging from increased traffic to improving your overall reputation within your niche. And the good news is that it doesn’t actually cost a lot of money to build an effective content marketing strategy. So what are effective content marketing strategies that you can use for your small business?

Define your marketing goals

Before you start writing your first content, you have to be clear what your goals are. Content for small businesses is more than just creating a blog to fill in your empty website. It is imperative that you know exactly the reason why you are creating your content.

Content marketing can get a bit complicated if you don’t know exactly what you are planning to achieve. Try to ask yourself what your goals are in your business. Is your goal to build a following on your social media? Is your goal to improve your overall reputation by providing useful information for the niche?

Your content marketing goals should be aligned with your overall business goals. In the end, it is important that with your content, it becomes easier to sell your products or get new customers in the process.

Understanding the Target Audience

Next, another consideration that you will have to make before writing your content is your target audience. Does your audience have a particular voice that they expect from your company? What exactly is your audience looking for in your content? Do they read your blog to get entertained or do they look at your blog because they consider your brand as an authority within the niche that they can learn from?

From here, you can easily build awareness from your audience. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t end here. You also want your target audience to convert and be retained.

Timing is everything

You have to know that timing is important when it comes to your content marketing strategy. There are instances when being first in your niche does pay off. You just have to be aware of what’s trendy within your industry. Try to do a bit of research and see what other notable sites have published so far. You can have an idea which topics are trendy.

Schedule the flow of your content

You also have to be consistent whenever you are making your content. Before you proceed writing content for your site, you have to know exactly the different types of content that you can cater to your audience. EBooks, case studies, and blogs are just some of the most common types of content that are growing in popularity. However, there are also other businesses investing in videos and infographics.

As you know, content comes in different forms. You don’t need to make one content in every category. However, it is possible that you can mix things up depending on your goal and on what you want to achieve.

Invest on long and informative content

The goal for many websites is to have a shareable content that can go viral via social media. Now, given the amount of content that you see online, how exactly does one stand out? That’s where long-form content becomes useful.

Long form content allows you to discuss different topics thoroughly. Ever since Google changed its algorithm and favored useful content, websites need long-tail content in order to get ranked by Google. In addition to this, aside from SEO, long tail content gets shared even more.

But of course, before you start writing your content, you will have to do a lot of research. You have to make sure that you are not just filling in the word count just for the sake of having a long-form content. The focus of your content should still be your readers.

Have The Right Approach

According to one study by Ipsos, 61% of social media users tend to share content that is interesting. On the other hand, 43% share content that is funny. And as for the remaining 29%, they tend to share content that is unique.

Now, you need to have the right approach in order for your content to get shared on social media. You have to make sure to bring strong emotions in your content in order to get people to share your content on their wall or even on Twitter.

Have the right keywords

Part of most marketers’ goal when it comes to their content is to ensure that they are going to rank within their niche. Now, you have to understand exactly how keywords work. Keywords play a crucial role in order for search engines to find your site. And if you simply choose highly competitive keywords in your content, then you are not maximizing your content in terms of SEO.

Long-tail keywords are becoming popular mainly because it offers less competition. In addition to this, it becomes easier for your site to rank using these keywords. And with the growing popularity of voice search, you can make use of frequently asked questions as your long-tail keyword.


Are you still confused on how to establish your content marketing strategy for your Perth business? Building an audience using your content is a great strategy for a number of reasons. Useful content not only gives you the ranking that you need, it can also help establish your reputation within your niche. But of course, there are instances wherein you will have to learn from your own experience writing your own content. You will have to read other blogs and even take a closer look at your statistics to see which content is preferred by your own niche.

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