What does it mean for a website to be responsive?

Having a website today is not enough. If you will look at the websites a few years back, there is no guarantee that old websites can still be maximized in today’s time. It is important to know the trends in order to maximize what the World Wide Web can offer. These days, one of the things that you should focus on is to have a responsive website. What exactly does it mean to have a responsive website? Why should you care as a marketer?

For instance, by 2015, the global mobile traffic increased by 75%. That is expected to rise even more over the next years thanks to smartphones and gadgets that can access the internet. This only means that people no longer wait to go home in order to check the World Wide Web.

Improved traffic

In addition to the increasing number of people using mobile phones and tablets in order to access the internet, the algorithm has changed significantly. These days, it is no longer enough that you have valuable content and backlinks in order to have a good ranking. It is also important that your website is user-friendly for mobile users.

And because of this, websites that can fit smaller screens have better traffic mainly due to their visibility on search result pages. This means that if you are selling products, there is a chance that you are attracting more customers in the process.

Improve your bounce rate

Bounce rate is something that you should always improve. What exactly is bounce rate? These are the visitors that simply leave your website the moment that they see your homepage. What are the factors that increase the number of visitors that simply leave?

One, there are websites that take a long time to load. Having a responsive website means that you designed your site to make sure that it also loads fast on smaller devices. Ultimately, faster loading time means that you have more people that are willing to explore your site.

Next, you also have the navigation concerns. Responsive websites let visitors use their websites easier than those websites that don’t adapt to small screens. You have hamburger menus and even texts that are laid out for small screens.

Improve sales

You can also expect the sales to improve if you have a responsive website. According to studies, tablet users are the ones that have the highest click through rate. Though it isn’t a guarantee that you get higher sales, you simply increase your chances.

Simplifies analytics

You can also simplify analytics if you are going to have a responsive site. This means that you will be able to determine which devices are used in order to view your site. And once you have the numbers, this can easily allow you to adapt and make the necessary changes in your online marketing strategies.

If you wish to have a website designed, it is imperative that you consider its responsiveness. It should be able to adapt to small screens for the reason that mobile devices are being used even greater than laptops.

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