Treat Headaches Info Site

This online resource site for headache information was struggling to get page 1 rankings in Google.



Treat Headaches Info Site

Treatheadaches is here to help you and your loved ones learn about headaches and get the help you need to enjoy life. Living without headache pain can happen, first by finding the root cause of the headache and then finding help with the correct treatment.

The site brings years of researched articles and important helpful information about headaches, the many types of headaches, why they happen and ways to help guide you to the best options and remedies.

Our Task

To devise a complete SEO strategy to improve the sites relevancy for headache related keywords.

Site now ranks position 1 and page 1 for manyheadache related keywords including highly searched keywords “headache locations” 9900 search p/m and “scintillating scotoma” 9900 searches p/m.

Subsequently site traffic increased 2900% in 4 months!

Skills Involved

Onpage SEO audit & implementation, backlink cleanup, content development, link building, social signals